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: Prev Page 1/2, next Page. (To exit the full-screen mode, click or touch the exit x button.)  To scroll the zoomed-in map, swipe it or drag it in any direction. . North America, including all of Canada. The time following the acquisition was troubled. Scandinavia, traversed the frigid waters of the North Atlantic Ocean and established a small settlement named Vinland along the coast of Newfoundland; it was eventually abandoned. The land was named after Queen Elizabeth's daughter, Princess Louise Caroline Alberta. Cartier and crew would make three trips into the Gulf. You may print this detailed Alberta map for personal, non-commercial use only. . Trois-Rivieres was founded in 1634, and Montreal, a missionary outpost established in 1642, would eventually grow to become Canada's largest city. Alberta Map Navigation, to zoom in on the detailed Alberta map, click or touch the plus ( ) button; to zoom out, click or touch the minus ( - ) button. . Staden har 812 201 invånare, med storstadsområdet. The Cabot discovery substantiated England's claim to a significant slice of North America. Canada, is steeped in history focused on the great outdoors. In the mid-19th century, an influx of Christian missionaries, including Jean-Baptiste Thibault, tried to convert Native Indians. Geografske koordinate Edmonton širina:.567, dužina: -113.


Sali Ko Ghar Par Choda. In 1882, the Alberta region became the District of Alberta, established as part of the Northwest Territories. For the indigenous Indians, contact with these early Europeans proved disastrous, as explorers and traders unintentionally brought diseases, such as smallpox with them. The Italian explorer's discoveries along the eastern coastline of North America gave France its own claim to parts of this land. The detailed Alberta map on this page shows the province's major roads, railroads, and population centers, including the Alberta capital city of Edmonton, as well as lakes, rivers, and national parks. England issued a charter granting trading rights in the Alberta region to Hudson's Bay Company (HBC). A decade later the King dispatched Jacques Cartier on another mission of discovery. Canada, abolishing the monopoly held by HBC.

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Därför bor en relativt stor andel av befolkningen i storstadsområdet i själva staden och inte i de kringliggande förorterna. New France continued to grow, albeit slowly, and Champlain was appointed governor in 1633. Edmonton har ett relativt torrt inlandsklimat med mycket stora temperaturskillnader mellan årstiderna. On one of those fur trapping missions in 1605, the French geographer and explorer, Samuel de Champlain, established France's first settlement in western Nova Scotia. Prev Page 1/4, next Page. Staden, som har en yta av 670 km, är en av de till ytan allra största städerna i Nordamerika. Detailed Alberta Map - Edmonton - Cities - Roads - Lakes - Rivers.

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